The Mystery of Mary

In this book, the author offers a clear and structured overview of theology and doctrine concerning Mary set in a historical perspective. He outlines the basic scheme of what constitutes Mariology set in the context of other forms of theological enquiry, and working through the contribution of Holy Scripture he proceeds to examine each of the fundamental doctrines that the Church teaches about Our Lady. From the Immaculate Conception to Mary’s continuing Motherhood in the Church as Mediatrix of all graces, the reader will find here a sure and steady guide, faithful to tradition and offering a realist perspective, not reducing the concrete aspects of Mary’s gifts and privileges to mere symbols on the one hand, and not confusing doctrine and devotionalism on the other.
One commentator wrote: “A rich overview of Mariology, written by an English priest who lectures in Rome at the Pontifical Gregorian University. Fr Haffner proceeds thematically, introducing the various major titles of Mary, and describing how the doctrines relating to them developed and were formalised over the centuries. The text is laden with references to the Church Fathers and to the types of Mary to be found in Scripture. There is plenty here to interest the ordinary reader as well as the academic.”