Our Garden

My Garden is a special place, and so near and dear to my heart.
So in the early morning there, I watch the new day start.
The flowers nod their sleepy heads to shake the morning dew,
And then the sun peeps shyly up to climb a sky of blue.
The birds wake up and start to sing, a happy little song.
They'll build their nests and lay their eggs, it won’t take very long.
As summer nears, the days grow long, I still my vigil keep,
I walk now in the evening cool, as the world prepares to sleep.
The butterflies are sleeping now, insects no longer hum,
They're resting and they are waiting, for the new day to come.
As summer's flowers fade away, and hardy Mums now bloom,
My garden is like a newly redecorated room.
The trees are dressed in colors now, so lovely and so bright,
The one that's in my garden is a truly splendid sight.
The pelting rain is colder now; the leaves float from the trees.
As winter blows across the land, it's breath a chilly breeze.
My garden now will take a nap, and dream of coming spring,
Knowing well the loveliness and magic it will bring.

Raymond Slaton